8 Simple Tips to Lighten Your Toxic Load

Here are a few suggestions to help you avoid SLS and other chemicals :

1. Look for the genuine SLS FREE product in the first instance and dont be fooled by SLS FREE products which still contain other harsh sulphates.

2. If you can't pronounce it, you probably don't want to put it on your body. Look out for lists of ingredients containing long chemical names , some products such as hair dye in particular can contain very harsh chemical ingredients.

3. Look for products that are fragrance-free. One artificial fragrance can contain hundreds—even thousands—of chemicals, and fragrances are a major cause of allergic reactions.

4. Pay attention to the order in which the ingredients are listed. Manufacturers are required to list ingredients in descending order by volume, meaning the first few ingredients are the most prominent. If Manderin is the last ingredient in a long list, your Mandarin Bodywash isn't very natural.

5. Stick to the basics. Do you really need 20 cheap products to prepare for your day? Simplify your life and rescue your bank account.

6. Drink plenty of filtered water every day to assist your body in flushing out toxins. Approx 8 glasses a day recommended for adults.

7. regularly eat lots of vibrantly colored organic vegetables (and fruits, in moderation) to keep your body well stocked with antioxidants. Red vegetables are particularly good source of antioxidants for Men. 

8. Look for products that are made by companies that are earth-friendly, animal-friendly and environment friendly. 

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