' It's about being chemically free,

it's about natural performance,

its about the health of our families skin '


We are Brad Pickitt (the UK MMA and UFC legend) and Neil Patel (the kickass International Sports Osteopath). We made Vigour8, the suitable-for-frequent-showering, all-natural, essential oil antibacterial body wash. This is our story.


Together, we set out on a crusade to change conventional personal hygiene for the better. We believe everyone - from our children to our grandmas - deserve to wash in an affordable, safe and natural way. And we needed a way to keep our own bodies fresh and sexy after a sweat-heavy workout. With those two disparate goals in mind, we created Vigour8.

Supermarket shower gel meets just one of those criteria. Full of harsh industrial chemicals, these cheap brands can strip the skin of natural oils. We can’t say the exact impact these supermarket brands of shower gel will have. But we can say we’ve created the antibacterial body wash that won’t make you sick and dry out or damage your skin .


Brad Pickett

With a fighting career that spans well over a decade, Brad ‘One Punch’ Pickett has been at the center of the evolving MMA sport in the UK.

With a fighting style that focuses heavily on boxing and striking, Brad earned the nickname ‘One Punch’ early on in his career. Two years after stepping into the cage for the first time, he became the Cage Rage featherweight champion. In 2009, he claimed the Ultimate Challenge MMA featherweight belt. More recently, Brad has taken over the UFC scene - often heralded as one of Dana White’s favorite fighters to watch. Acquainted with both victory and defeat, Brad strives to put his best foot forward - from the mat to the business meeting. Brad is a young father and an integral founder of Vigour8. Click on his story below to learn more.


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Neil Patel

In 1992, Neil Patel became one of the first Osteopaths to obtain one of the first BSc Degrees in Osteopathy in the United Kingdom.

With a keen interest in sports and a teamwork ethic, he quickly developed a reputation for sports injury rehabilitation. He soon became the Consulting Osteopath for many West London sports clubs, including Chelsea Football Club.  

Over his nearly 30 year career, Neil has gained an international reputation, receiving as patients some of the best football, International rugby / cricket players and Olympians from around the world.

With Vigour8, Neil breaks his tradition of never endorsing a commercial product. That’s just how kickass the antibacterial body wash is.

If you’re looking for more fun facts, Neil has been appointed to two royal families and is father to two teenage daughters.